― サロン主催員会メンバーのMOLLAさんの言葉

“You can find something new in Itto Jinnai’s works, which is not like either Picasso, Milo, or Cezanne.”

   - Ms. Molla, member of Salon organizer





   ― 「LE SM'ART]運営委員長、ミシェルさんの言葉  

I am more than impressed by the power of inspiration of the artist, who can represent the theme in each work in such a way.  Her works are more refined now than the ones presented in the exhibition of former Lille Grand Palais.  Standing in front of her works, I find that this artist's talent is limitless.

   - Ms. Michelle, Chairperson of the committee of "LE SM'ART






I feel honored that these four works of Itto were exhibited first time in ARTUP ...  Most of all I am impressed that Itto has perfectly acquired the techniques of presenting the maximum meaning of the image by utilizing minimum method. Especially, as you can see in the work of "Appeals of Tiny Lives", Itto is a rare artist who depicts the title in such way, and I am glad that I can appreciate her works in person in this show.                                                                                                            

- Mr. Doune, Committee of ARTUP, at Exhibition of Lille Grand Palais