ART MONTPELLIER 2021 南フランス現代アートフェア 


「LE SM'ART]運営委員長、ミシェルさんのITTO作品の言葉


Ms. Michelle, Chairperson of the committee of "LE SM'ART says about Itto's art works;

I am impressed by the power of inspiration of the artist, who can represent the theme in such a way. Her works are more refined than the ones presented in former Lile Grand Palais. Standing in front of her works, I find that this artist's talent is limitless


サロン主催会のMOLLAさんの言葉 ”ピカソでも、ミロでも、セザンヌでもない、皆さんが初めて感じるものが、ITTO作品の中にはあると思います。”

Ms. Molla, the member of the salon organizer, comments;

you can find something new, which is not like either Picasso, Milo, nor Cezanne.







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