PARIS EXPO ART3F 2024 に出品、絶賛されました!



――― フランスの有名な美術新聞『ジャーナル・デ・ザール』のカメラマン




――― パリ・アンデパンタン美術協会事務局 ヴァンサン氏



Itto Jinnai joined PARIS EXPO ART3F 2024 in France.


“I felt excited taking the photos of ITTO JINNAI’s works.  Among all the works in this fair, her works are the most inspiring.  I imagine that her spirit drove the brushes on the canvas, and we feel as if that spirit is even comimg towards the viewer.”

 ------- Photographer from “Journal des Arts”, famous art newspaper in France


“As a staff member of Salon des Indépendants, I am very proud that Itto Jinnai, who is the member of Salon des Indépendants Paris, exhibits her such superb works in this professional fair.”

――――Mr. Vincent from Salon des Indépendants, Paris